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new comic book

2017-08-19 10:34:00 by Venom499

Hey there! Long time no see!

Im here to tell you that i am preparing a brand new comic book series. STAY TUNED! ;)

Hoenstly, it will take years.... i cant draw and stuff..... but im doing my BEST! Maybe ill get someone to draw it


2015-06-19 16:46:24 by Venom499

Oh...goddamn..... i was gone for so long.... so apparently the newgrounds store is closed for like two years now (?) that's sad :( i never had chance to buy anything... and now when i have...... closed... oh well


2015-05-21 01:18:49 by Venom499

Does anyone have a job for me? I want to try a new acting....maybe?


2015-05-18 15:47:51 by Venom499

Hello there! :) I bet you heard about my comeback. Also im starting brand new youtube channel. Kinda sucks for now,i have like three vlogs there and one let's play trailer,but screw let's plays. I wanna be unique. I want to make NEWGROUNDS videos like.... reviews and stuff..... spread the word little bit,you know... yo if theres someone who is good in making music or animations tell me,im gonna need few buddies to help me with intro... or at least to teach me. So if you're interested,feel free to PM me ;) THANKS.


2015-05-17 20:41:49 by Venom499

After 6 years.... I.AM.BACK ready to be here,on Newgrounds for like 16hourse per day and do a lot of work here!

Jax49 A.K.A.  Venom499 IS BACK!!!


I have a new idea

2010-07-29 10:58:20 by Venom499

And what things to download to the phone?

And how about even a poll?
Or competition (poll) the most popular character? Or .... Extract all-stars is BIO?

Dad n Me,Alien Hominid,Alloy,Tom Fulp,Castle Crushers,PICO,Hank,Tank Men,P-Bot,Salad Finger and many others....are practically mascots of Newgrounds.I named them Newgrounds All-Star.I love to play with them, but lately I have not come across ..... I just wanted to say that these games are best on Newgrounds, or movies, too, and All-Stars.


2010-05-02 16:22:40 by Venom499
Updated SeGs

i am got a Problem

2009-08-23 03:30:16 by Venom499

This jse Castle Crashers 4 in 1, when I was bored, we took Fixy, and drew, I have yet Alien hominid, etc.
it's 100% manual work, and photography (I do not have a scanner)

Unfortunately, this does not give the Art Portal because it is too great,

NOT free delivery (c)

if someone wants to help me and help, and there write that collaborated on the Upload

i am got a Problem